Innovative Solutions for Navigating & Resolving Conflict


Conflicts are as unique as the individuals involved in them. Let us help you find the best path forward towards sustainable resolutions.


Our Services

We facilitate collaborative, restorative approaches to conflict management, both in the workplace and personal conflict. Whether through third-party neutral alternative dispute resolution, restorative conference circles, collaborative culture exchanges, workplace assessments, or something tailored specific to you, we work with clients to resolve conflicts and build healthy working relationships. Additionally, we have vast experiences in providing independent oversight and investigation services in the areas of harassment, discrimination, bullying, and whistleblowers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to protecting the environment, the health & safety of our staff, and the communities where we work.

I&A ensures all of our work is done in a socially responsible and ethical manner.





Insights & Thoughts

Exciting new partnership with Shanti Hot Yoga's Healing Matrix.


I&A’s foundation is built on our values of respect, integrity, diversity, and accountability.